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A Place Like This (2019)

Cover Photo by Jakey Thomas

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Astroturf (2016)

Yellow Amoeba by Jill Caporlingua

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Gorgeous (2014)

Plastic East by Jill Caporlingua

Kill or Cure (2008)

Kill or Cure

R2 Magazine September 2009

R2 Magazine September 2009

An Orphan’s Song (2008)

An Orphan's Song

'An Orphan's Song' reviewed in Taddle Creek Magazine

Bahaudin (2001)


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If You Want Love (Have Mine)(2004)

About Ben

Ben Walker was born Benjamin Ward in London in 1968, doing his first gig in 1985. He has worked with members of 10cc, Lindisfarne, Jools Holland, New Model Army, Sunparlour Players and Broken Social Scene and released 6 albums and 1 EP which combine the influences of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Prince.

“His songs are crafted in thorough, rigorous detail, but they are nevertheless expressive rather than rhetorical“ – Oliver Arditi